Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 12 & 13

Oops! I got behind a day!

Day 12

Yesterday I had the privilege of standing in baggage claim with at least a hundred others, welcoming home a man from our church. Jordan was wounded a little over four months ago and to see him walk through that airport was absolutely amazing. When Chris and I joined the church, he was already in the military and I had only met him once, at a Halloween Party. That didn't matter. It was my honor to clap with family, friends, and strangers and welcome this American Hero home. Thank you, Jordan, for your service.

Likewise, since it's Veteran's Day... I am thankful for all vets, past and present. To their families as they wait and pray. I am thankful for those we have lost and those still with us. I am thankful for the people who give up their afternoons to welcome home soldiers at an airport and for so much more.Most of all, I am thankful for these two men... My grandfather and my dad. These are MY favorite veterans!

Day 13

Hard to compete with day 12....  especially with the simple thing I am thankful for today. Nonetheless.... today I am thankful for coffee. On these chilly mornings, all I can think about it a good cup of coffee. Warming, soothing, so so yummy! I can have it plain or flavored.... either way, I'll take it!

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