Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year, New Blog!

I began a blog awhile ago, but never kept up with it. I’ve deleted those (whopping total of four) posts now, to start 2010 off fresh. While I am not sure if I’ll be able to blog everyday… I hope to write a bit more than I was. It helps me. I used to all the time. Maybe it’ll force me to keep track of things better, or display my own online “scrapbook” with photos, etc.

Tonight is New Years Eve. I am currently at work and while I should be working, the dismal weather outside is making me feel otherwise. I’ll get things done. I have to come in this weekend anyways. After I get off, we’ll be heading to Stephenville, where Chris’s dad lives.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’ll give a brief run down now. My name is Erika and I live in Rowlett, Texas with my husband of almost four years, Chris. We are the proud parents of three fur babies… that is, our cat Sinatra, and two dogs- Duke the Chocolate Lab and Moondoggie, the Pomeranian. Currently I work as an Office Manager for a small HVAC company in Dallas and Chris has two jobs. He works for Sherwin Williams and is the Youth Director at our church.

I’ve stumbled on some blogs somehow and have kept up with them over time. My plan is to participate in Kelly's Korner, “Show Us Your Life” Fridays and I’ll extend more on that on my next posting. I hope to discover more about myself in my faith as well. Though I ‘resolve’ to never make resolutions, I do hope that over this next year I can grow closer in my walk with the Lord and His teachings.

That is all for now. See you in the New Year!