Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Day Recap

Okay, I’m going to have to combine three days worth of stuff in one. I worked pretty late Monday night and was so hungry and tired that I just said ‘forget it!’ I began writing this yesterday, but was working on several things and left right at three. So… three days in, here we go!

The weekend was good. It was hectic (but aren’t they always?)

We lounged around quite a bit Saturday morning. Around noon we decided to get Chris some new khaki’s, because the ones he did have shrunk in the dryer! Rowlett is such a mess right now, between the DART rail coming in and I90, it feels like every road I need to go down is under construction. So we literally sat in traffic for 30-45 minutes on our way. We shopped around a bit and even found a polo shirt on sale. (Maroon of course, being such big Aggie fans!)

By this time we were running late so we ran home and got ready. The first service of the trial third service on Saturday’s was happening and we had to get to “rehearsal” beforehand. I brought some items from my home to decorate and I think for the first service, the mood and d├ęcor was nice. I know what to expect now and have some different ideas for next service. “The Message” is what we are calling this service. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Great songs, great speaker, good atmosphere. Overall, a very nice, Spirit-led service.

In between all of that, we ate with Erin at Pancho’s and Lefty’s during the short break between rehearsal and the service. I don’t know if I will ever get tired of that place. I usually get their nachos. AMAZING.

After service, we met up with Jen and Erin at Chili’s… just because. While I didn’t exactly drink ALL water (and I DID drink a lot of that) … I did have one of their Tropical Sunrises. I forget how tasty they are!

There was also a guy working his way through college there making balloon “stuff”. I say stuff, because it wasn’t all balloon animals. Erin got a princess. Jen, a tiara (orange and white) and I got a tiara as well, in pink, white, and purple. I’m posting photos below that I found that are ‘similar’, but these are much more extravagant. I also put a smiley face over one I found, the chick kind of scared me. Sadly, balloon guy did not make Llamas. It’s a sad, sad day. Cool kid though, said he was going to transfer to BYU soon.

Again... nowhere near as fancy. I didn't get to take a picture before it deflated.
Only because Jen's tiara was t.u. colors. Ssssss.

Now this is once fancy balloon princess. Erin's was nowhere as classy as this lady. But hers did have better bangs. Huge... 80's bangs. "The higher the hair, the closer to God."

I didn't make it to church on Sunday. I felt so awful! I completely did not hear ANY of my alarms. Chris called at 10:30 and asked if I was up. Had it been 10:00-10:15, I could have made it. 10:30? No. I missed him doing communion/inivtation/benediction for the first time! I was so upset at myself. Thinking about it now though, I am kind of glad I did miss it. I'm critical a lot. I like things to be practiced and perfect. I was anxious and very detailed when watching Chris do his baptisms... and I hate that that part of me kind of ruined the moment. I am working on it... just takes time. He makes me so proud.

Chris speaking after he was installed as a minster within our church, May 30th.

Chris is going to be giving "The Message" on our next Saturday service, 9/25. I am going to try and make it. I hate to miss his first 'official' sermon. HOWEVER. Chris doesn't think about certain things, like checking the calendar to see if we have plans. Even though only an hour before we were talking about that evening and a concert we were going to with my parents, he forgot about it and agreed to be the next speaker that night. Agh! The concert has been planned for awhile... so I still don't know what to do. Why can't I be in two places at once?!?

Sunday night was topped off by Long John Silvers for a late lunch....

Look at that tasty goodness. Sooooo bad for you, but yuuu-mmm-y!

When then decided to have a small "date night" and go see a movie. We were going to see Eat-Pray-Love, but it had already started. We decided on The Switch.

It was cute, but definetly not something I just had to see.
 Could have waited until it came out on video.

Okay, so now it is Wednesday. I have a few things to show you for "What I'm Lovin'!"

Linedancing. More specifically, Copperhead Road. At Jeren's wedding several weeks back, they did this dance. How did I not know about it? Or the song for that matter? This (I think) is the version they were doing at the reception. It's simpler. The stomps sound cool though and it's much better in places other than raquetball courts. There is another version though, with more steps. I will learn it one day! I really want to go out dancing now.

When I mentioned we needed to go "two steppin'" to Chris he said the new thing to do is the half step and that we should learn it. I asked if that is the one where it looks like people are just shuffling around, like trying to buy the best scarf at a crowded store at Christmas. He informed it was. I'm not sure about the half step.

I also really want some boots. I have been wanting some for awhile now. Of course, all the ones I really like are hard to find in my size. (I have stupid huge/wide feet.) But a girl can dream right? After some preliminary looking, I have found these...

I always like the crazier ones. Especially in shoes and purses. These are amazing!

Both of these are similar with the inlay color. LOVE pink. I mean, LOVE.
But how pretty is that turquoise? Tough choice!

These are kind of crazy too. I think the whatever-reptile-skin that is would weird me out though.

These. These are soooo me. I am so in love with them! They are only $250 too.
Chris... my birthday will be coming up in just a few months! Muhaha!

I am also loving the songs you are hearing on my blog. They are so incredibly powerful. Most of them go straight to my soul and just fill me with God's love. Our God is such an awesome God! Take a look, I'll add more as time goes on, just scroll to the bottom... and look for this:

And this weekend... I will be loving the fact that I have Monday off! Hooray for three day weekends! I do have a couple prayer requests to share. If I do have a reader or two out there, please lift these two ladies up if you have a moment.

My grandmother, Maw Maw. She is 91 and her health is declining a lot. She has good and bad days. She is ready to go Home though and I know that. I love her so much! Prayers for good days and when God decides it is her time to come Home... allow it to be peaceful.

Chris's grandmother, Meme. Just had (another) quadruple bypass in San Antonio. Few days later, coded in her ICU room. Stable now, may go home this weekend. Prayers for a quick recovery!

Prayers appreciated! Until tomorrow....