Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back To The Future Party

Chris's 31st Birthday Party and Back to the Future Decor! I found a Spotify BTTF playlist and had pizzas and chips. Such fun making it and loved our friends who dressed up!

We had folks who dressed 50's and western. I dressed as Jennifer Parker, husband as Doc Brown. One of our best friends came as Marty! A great, great time!

Painted a dollar store tablecloth to show the "flames" the car makes

I had a deloran cut out leftover so it framed out the mirror with the license plate!

Clocks and signs!

Each chair had quotes from the movie tied to them. 

The 3rd movie corner... map of hill valley, wanted poster, dynamite, gun, frisbee pan, and pics. 

Found atop Doc's mantle.... 

The hands fell off the clock- oh well... here's doc hanging from the "clock tower"

Window covering, Enchantment Under the Sea Dance!

Props collage on the coffee table. 

More views of the props.


More props on the coffee table!

The dumbest looking damn shark you will ever see. I tried making the 3D shark from the 2nd movie coming out of the corner. I kinda, sorta... totally failed. Ah well. 

An awesome vinyl type sign from Amazon. This will reside in Chris's man-cave garage!

Flying cards hanging from the chandelier. Just found these online and cut out, double sided. The delorean, taxi, red car, welcome sign, and police car. 

Cafe 80's leading into the kitchen and the ridiculous shark.

Newspaper articles, framed time clock and flux capacitor, Marty's skateboard, plutonium case, the video camera... and of course the old TV showing the SAME episode of the Honeymooners mentioned in the first movie. 

Homemade Hoverboard using a clearance boogie board and colored duct tapes. 
The flags that Doc sends down to Marty while Biff is chasing him, the hoverboard, and some misc... BTTF signs.

Before the trash bag was added.... "FUEL" for the Mr. Fusion

These didn't turn out how I wanted, but tasted delicious nonetheless. They were supposed to semi-resemble the pizzas in BTTFII - half pepperoni and half green pepper. Oh well. If ever you need an AMAZING recipe for sugar cookies and icing... I can guarantee this is one of the best you will every have.

The "Birthday Cake" - I absolutely hate doing cakes. I obviously, am not very good on piping or details. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

That happened.

I looked at a link on Facebook today... one that I thought really, truly wouldn't bother me. 

I've seen tons of surprise baby announcements.

But today, this one: (which by the way, congrats to them... it's adorable.)

Really. Really. Really. 

...............bothered me.

Like -  tears hit my eyes before I could even process it.

Look at the happiness. The surprise. The love. 

I'm never getting that, I am?

Not even me. No, forget me.

CHRIS is never getting that... is he?

I'm mad and sad and frustrated.

Are we ready? I don't know.

Is it my fault? Maybe.

It it fair? No. It's absolutely not.

and today... I'm not okay with that.