Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolving not... to make a "resolution".

New Years Resolutions.
Hm. Not necessarily sure that I have any. I’ve found, that if I place something in the ‘resolution’ category… it is much worse when I don’t actually do it than if it is just something I hoped or planned to do in the coming year. Less accountability I guess. Nonetheless, there are things I would like to do and change this year. So let the list begin- it’s the first Friday of 2010 for Kelly’s Korner Show Us How You Live.

1. I want to change pace. I want to become a little more selfish. Translation? I want to get back to the things that are important to me and those I love. Work less, worry less. I hope this year will be a year I can overcome my depression more often than not. I want to be in control. I hope to help out more with my grandmother, for my dad (and truth be told, for me too). I want to visit people again. I want to travel to see family. I want to make others the priority and not the “obligations” we felt sometimes in 2009.

2. I want to date. I want to get back to Chris and Erika. This past year has been difficult on both of us, for many reasons. We’ve gotten in ruts. We’ve been on edge. We’ve been annoyed or angry or hurt or stressed. Problem was, we allowed, in some ways- our marriage to, for a lack of better words, suffer. Now, we always loved one another… that never changed. But it wasn’t fully ‘us’ either. Christmas, though stressful, was mostly good this year. It was good for us. And so far, has been since. I welcome it back.

3. I want to serve more. I want to get back to actually attending church 98% of Sundays. I really got bad this fall and have missed much more than I would like. I want to write my CCF and Compassion kids and teach them, and their families, about how wonderful our Lord is! I want to donate to more organizations I am passionate about. I want to simply help my mom or my dad, my grandmothers. A neighbor. My husband. A friend. I want to honor my Paw Paw by actually going to visit his grave, maybe ‘talk’ to him some. I want to talk with God more. Not half asleep either. Not just the many ‘breath’ prayers I say throughout the day. But sit down and TALK with God. He already knows me better than anyone ever could… shouldn’t I strive to at least meet Him half way?

4. Organize my life. Remember to send a birthday card or an anniversary card. Save up for an unexpected expense. Pay off debt. Go back to school. Be happy with my job. Work in my yard and not kill my plants. Learn something new. Play with the dogs, take them for walks. Fit in time for fun and only THINK about fun at that time, not “what I should be doing”. Sleep better. Praise more.

So maybe I don't have a resolution pinpointed per say. I just figure if I can do some of the above, it'll better my life in more ways than I could ever imagine, and maybe others' too. Can I just say one thing? 2010 and the above…. Are getting off to a wonderful start. I really can’t reveal much more than that right now. But rest assured, I will be spreading the good news when the time comes. I’m excited, I’m anxious, I’m nervous, I’m overjoyed. And no, I am not pregnant.

In other news, being an Aggie fan… I am against t.u. (or UT) as much as possible. Even if I try not to be that way… I am. So I was excited about the win for Alabama last night. Roll tide! I do feel bad they lost McCoy though so soon in the game. Nonetheless, we watched it last night with a fire in the fireplace, pizza and cheese bread, and a few dogs curled up on the couches. Good evening, all in all. I went to bed at 10:30 though- I’ve been exhausted lately!

That’s it. I’m out. Probably no updates this weekend, so I hope everyone has a good one. Stay warm… I can’t get over how cold it has been here in DFW! But I really, truly… LOVE it.

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