Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lord, give us strength....

Not much has been going on. What started out as an extremely stressful week has slowly wound down. While very busy, the magnitude of stress is lifted. Amen to that!

I come mainly today for two reasons.

The first, for you to say a prayer for my dad. He’ll be having back surgery tomorrow and I just hope all goes smoothly and it truly helps him.

Secondly I want to urge you to pray for the people of Haiti. The earthquake has caused unimaginable devastation. Pray for those lost in the rubble, the families searching for loved ones, the leaders and volunteers, the hospitals and crews. Pray for the injured, the young and old. I’m posting a photo that I found on I saw it earlier today and I have thought of this man numerous times throughout. While it isn’t graphic, it is heart wrenching. Look into his eyes. Look at the anguish on his face. He’s carrying his daughter, found in the rubble. She sadly, did not make it.

I’ll never know the name of this man, but I surely, will long remember his face.

Look long and hard at him and really, truly pray for the people of Haiti. Pray for our world. While neither of our sponsored children lived in Haiti, many children did. Go to to read up what they are trying to do and donate if you see fit. Remember, a few dollars to us can mean the world to them.

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