Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Show Us Your Singles : Jennifer

I am so excited to highlight one of our really good friends for this week’s Kelly's Korner linkup: “Show Us Your Singles!” Make sure to check it out on Friday over at Kelly's Blog!

Meet Jennifer:

We were blessed with meeting Jenn when we joined our church back in 2009 in a smaller suburb of Dallas (about 15-20 minutes away). Jennifer has been very active in the church since she was a child. In addition to helping out our youth groups whenever she can, she also serves as a deacon, leads our Sunday School class, volunteers for outreach events such as Rowlett Reindeer and Neighbor to Neighbor, attends the Adult Mission Trip each year, and has served on numerous committees! We would hope that any match for Jenn would hold the same love and hunger to serve for our great Lord and be excited for growth as individuals and a couple through Him.

Jennifer currently works in sales and travels at various times throughout the month. As hard as it is for this Aggie fan to write it, she’s a graduate of the University of Texas and is a die-hard longhorn fan! (Insert Aggie horse laugh here.) She’s never been married and has no children.

Jennifer can often be found at the gym working out, volunteering with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, going for a tour of a brewery or enjoying a wine tasting, watching Longhorn football, having dinners with friends or playing our monthly Bunco. Oh and she also leads our monthly Book Club (which I forget about a lot… sorry Jenn!) She’s gone skydiving and completed several warrior dashes and never will shy away from a new adventure! Did I mention she is also a black belt?

She’s a great organizer and keeps all of us on track; somehow juggling friends, church, work, family, and much more… like it’s nothing! While it sounds like Jennifer is go-go-go all the time… the perfect person will enjoy a sense of balance (going out and staying in) because sometimes nothing can beat staying home in comfy clothes! She owns her own home and has been busy redoing, remodeling, and revamping inside and out.

She is very close to her family. Family time is extremely important to Jennifer and what a great one she has!

Her most recent joy can be found in her nephew, Trevor (or “Bobbles” as she calls him.) She’s always anxious for baby time! (Pretty sure this lil’ man adores his aunt too!)

Now Jennifer IS tall… so it’d be ideal if you are 6’1” or taller! She has a great smile, an infectious laugh, and ridiculously pretty hair and eyelashes (it’s a girl thing!) Jenn is loyal and will listen to you rant (which for me is often) and always has a way of giving you strong but solid advice. While health conscious, she’s not a fanatic-  I always look forward to our Chili’s dinners or Chipotle girl-time meetups. She’s also a great cook and has some to die for recipes! We’d expect any guy lucky enough to be fun, outgoing, responsible, honest and faithful. (Gotta’ make sure she is taken care of as well as she takes care of all of us!)

….and just because this is my most favorite picture ever… here’s a little proof "she won’t be rushing you to the altar"....


Seriously… she’s just the best!


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    1. @ Emily Powell --- I went straight to him for my friend, Jennifer! What a cutie he is!

      If he is interested, or you would like to know more just let me know! You can also email Jennifer directly at

      Hoping for great things! :)

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