Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Friday, Friday....

Ahhh.... only 7:30 on a Friday night and I have already eaten dinner, dessert, and am enjoying being bundled up with a cozy blanket, house shoes, a fluffy pup, a glass of champagne, and my computer.

The husband is away for weekend Midwinter camp with the high-schoolers and while I had all these plans to get busy around the house and deep clean and hang up clothes, etc... etc... something about curling up and starting the Harry Potter series, 13 years behind mind you, was much more appealing.

We had a cruddy afternoon, so perhaps that is what did it. Either way, I'm an hour into the first movie and I must say... I might be hooked. Thanks to the internet, I already know bits and pieces of the Potter fandom, but here we go... three days to finish them all. 

It didn't hurt that the War Doctor, John Hurt made his appearance early on and I know David Tennant is still to come. Ahh, everywhere a Doctor went, a Whovian is sure to go. 

....well, back at it. :) 

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