Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Craft Project in Ages!

I didn't do step by step photos since this was my first project, but I can't wait to do more!

Thanks to my Sister-in-Law Amy for getting me the materials to make this! I probably never would have done it on my own and I enjoyed it so very much!

To make your own, it's simple...

You need a wreath, foam or straw (I left the plastic wrap on the straw wreath) and wrap the yarn around in whatever design you wish. It does take a bit of time... especially for someone as impatient as me!

For flowers, I typed in "felt flower tutorials" in google and in youtube. I tried a few of my own while watching and learning!

I found the 'H' at Michael's and just painted it with grey and yellow.

I'm obesessed with Yellow and Grey right now and I love, love, love buttons!

Can't wait to change the theme of my kitchen and hang this in there!

I see a few flaws that I wish I had fixed, but overall, I love it! What a fun project!

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