Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Friday!

Chris returned from Mission Trip a couple weeks ago. What a great trip the youth of our church had! We sent 14 youth and 4 adult sponsors to Joplin, MO for Tornado Relief. Looking through the photos and hearing about all the devastation that STILL remains is absolutely mind blowing. If you'd like to check out a slideshow of their trip, see below. What an amazing group of folks we have... so proud of each and every one of them. What servant hearts they have! (And proud of my husband... I'm a pretty lucky gal, huh?)

  Since then, Chris has started a new full time job as a 'hot shot' driver. He is on the road all day long throughout the DFW area and absolutely loves it! What a blessing this has been! We are still adjusting to the hours, but I think in the end, it will turn out really, really well!

Last Friday was my Mother's Birthday! Here she is around the age of 4 or 5 I think. So pretty... still is!
 The weekend before last, we had a "girls day" and went shopping, had lunch, and even stopped for manicures! We hadn't been able to do much of anything this summer because she has been very, very sick most of her time off. After many tests and scans... we finally got the results back of the final test they ran and she DID have (or still has) West Nile Virus. For whatever reason, though it took some time, her body has been able to fight it off. I can't begin express my relief. If you know our family, you know how sick my mom can get... in fact, I can remember two times growing up we almost lost her (most recently in 2004), so something like this is really scary. Luckily, the doctor is up-ing the medicine she is on and she is finally feeling better and is back at work for the new school year.

On that same Friday, my parents also celebrated their Wedding Anniversary! If I am not mistaken, they are up to 38 years together! I am so blessed to have such amazing parents. This was shortly after they married.

  Other than that... not too much has gone on. I've recently discovered Doctor Who and admittedly, everything else has gone by the wayside. No more home remodels, no crafts... just me and Netflix.I'm hooked, maybe a bit obsessed even. I'm watching the current series and once caught up, plan to go back and watch the original episodes. (I have a LONG ways to go!) I've "pinned" several things on Pinterest and probably talk about it a lot more than I should. Chris heard "exterminate" in one of the episodes and has concluded that the show is ridiculous and won't watch it with me. Kind of breaks my heart.... 

Nonetheless, I have decided that I need a replica TARDIS for the patio. What could I turn that in to? Don't really need a phone booth... maybe storage? A bar? A dog house? Chris WILL make it for me... he must!

 I found this photo and will most definitely have to print this out and frame it for the bathroom...too cute!
I told you... obsessed. In fact, I realized I needed to get in shape, because if I were the Doctor's companion, my fat butt could not keep up with him when running from Cybermen or Daleks or an Empty Child. 

(Note: I know I needed to get in shape anyways... trust me, I know.)

Did I mention I made a cut and fold TARDIS for my desk? Okay... I'm done now.

You know what else is AWESOME? Amazon's Wish List. Seriously, it's like a List to Santa... for adults.
I think I have 3 or 4 pages of stuff I want. Of course it's all like $100 or more, ugh! I could spend all day on Amazon, just "wishing" for stuff. Kind of like when I get a new catalog, I always go through and circle all that I want. Do you do that too? Mind you, I never actually buy anything... just something I do. On occasion, I'll get a calculator out and add up all that I circled... then sadly throw the catalog away because I realize I circled pretty much everything. 

In other TV news....Chris and I have been watching the Glee Project 2. They are in the final stretch now and I'm rooting for Blake to win. He's very talented in both acting and singing and what a cutie he is!
(He's like, 19... so it's legal for me to call him a cutie. Barely, I know.)

I'm also watching Project Runway. I thought I had a favorite already picked out, but now I am not so sure. May need to give this one some more time. Do you watch it? Who is your favorite designer?

And finally, we watched the atrocity that is... "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." 
(I'll just leave it at this.... it certainly makes me feel better about myself and my life.)

I'm going to try and get better at blogging and not become so random! Check back soon!


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