Thursday, June 28, 2012

We are official DIY'ers!

Well, we are all moved in to our (new to us) home. We haven't done much unpacking and are still working around several rooms with my grandmothers things in them, garage included. It's going to be a work in progress for some time, but I am oh-so excited about projects here and there! I've tried to be good about doing 'before' pictures, but have forgotten on several things. While the main reason for this DIY post is to FINALLY reveal our Desk/Bookshelf Redo… we have done a couple things here and there. It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can transform things!

Up first is our entry way light. I had every intention of purchasing a new fixture… but the more I looked at the existing one, I fell in love with it. We found a brushed bronze spray paint with a hammered metal finish at Lowes (I’ve used this on SO many things!)

Here is our finished product! A far cry from the original gold framing.

The glass inserts really give it a lot of character! It’s so 60’s-vintage and looks great in our entry!

Since that didn’t take much paint and of course, I was eyeing down anything I could spruce up… I set my sights on a lamp we had set aside for a garage sale. I spray painted the base and found a cheap lampshade at the local Habitat Restore. So much better and so simple!

 I was shopping at Kirkland's and found this AWESOME clock on sale. I had a gift card and couldn't pass it up. It was the perfect size for above the mantle.

We took down the hideous blinds that covered the sliding glass door. I found these curtains at a Thrift Store close to the house. They are great quality and were a total steal! No light gets through and keeps the room much cooler too. (We need to get them hemmed and straightened up at the top, as you can see.)

We also painted the den a light brown to compliment the desk. It has turned out very warm and we love it. I'm painting the door frames a darker color and the baseboards. I hope it will make for a great contrast.

Testing it out. Ready to change the stark white paneling. 

Here's a shot after the first coat! Much better!

Told you that spray paint was everywhere! I liked these light plates, but they too, were an old tarnished looking gold. Nothing a little spray paint can't fix. Adds a little pop to the wall!

Moving on!

One Wednesday while Chris was at church, I decided I felt like painting. We had some extra paint leftover from the desk, so I thought the entryway could use a pop of color.

I love this piece of furniture. My parents weren't sure where they were going to put it and I asked if I could keep it. It looks great in the entry- the light is handy for when we are gone and the little dish is a great catch all for keys and loose change.

I also kept the floral photos that my grandmother had hanging in an extra bedroom. It's so warm and inviting when you enter our home now. We have a off-white/light brown to paint the remaining walls and down the hallway. Another project for another day!

The next week, when Chris was at church again, I decided I needed another project. How about this hideous mailbox?

I taped off the brick around the mailbox and ripped the ugly eagle off the front. My neighbors had to have wondered what in the world I was doing! I got some cheap, glossy, black from the Dollar Store and went to town! I did about four coats total, just to make sure each crevice was covered well.

I purchased this paint and wooden decorative piece at Hobby Lobby- while my spray paint was drying, I did some painting inside. I painted the base then lightly sprayed the metallic over it and attached with a glue gun.

And wha-la! We have a brand new mailbox! Once I finish repainting trim and add shutters, this will be a great compliment. I'm also looking for a new and unique porch light!

Aaaaaaaand finally.... the desk! Here's what it looked like before we began.

It's really, really dated... as you can tell. The doors alone- awful! Chris and I picked out a green color together at Lowes. I found some scrapbook paper that looked like old letters at Hobby Lobby with the intention of doing the bookshelf backs. As you will see, we decided to Mod Podge the desk top instead!

A few new drawer pools, some books and knick-knacks (that I just unpacked and threw up there...) and of course that antique chair make it complete!

 I loved this old phone I found (it works too!) and this photo frame! What great additions!

Hoping to most more soon! Looking for new ideas all the time!

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