Saturday, April 14, 2012

I totally failed at Lent, as I am sure was evident from the lack of postings.

Nonetheless, I caved and broke the '40 days'... but funnily enough, I learned from it. I still drink sodas (and on some days, a lot more than I probably should) but I have slowed down some. I choose water or tea much more often, and if I've had a coke, I decide maybe I need something else. It also lost me about 15 pounds, which is nice! My jeans are a little looser and it's nice to randomnly step on a scale and see it stop, where it used to go right past.

During this time, we learned that Chris's grandmother had some medical issues following a procedure. Her body became very tired and sadly for us, she passed away. We drove to San Antonio the day they removed the machines and waited just a short time, until it was time for her to return Home. Her funeral was the following week and Chris wound up doing the entire service. He did very well and I know how very proud of him she would have been. I sure was proud to be his wife!

For Easter, I made several items that I had found on Pinterest. (I'm obsessed, I admit it.) They were all so fun to make and even cuter to look at!

Chocolate covered strawberries.... "carrots"
Festive Easter Deviled Eggs
Birds' Nest Treats-- sinfully yummy!

Then of course, we had to have an Easter Egg Hunt... in the rain! (I stayed on the porch because I've been oh-so-sick)...but it was really fun watching Caleb find all 40 eggs filled with Candy and some money too! The adults didn't have one like we did the past couple years. That's always hilarious!

We've also been busy working in the new house. We are in the process of moving into my grandmother's old home. There is still so much to do... garage sale, cleaning out and sorting, moving our stuff in and of course... making lots and lots of changes!

This is a google street view of the house. I made some silly changes in MS Paint, trying to show Chris my "vision"...I blacked out the address, because, duh... I also painted in the gas light that was in the yard. Eventually we want to get it restored from gas to electric...

Ha! I'm ridiculous... but the idea come across. We'll also be taking the bars off the windows, hate those things! Not just because they are ugly, but also because they are dangerous! Only ONE unlocks. Scary thought. We have an alarm system, so the house isn't totally unprotected. I'm so excited about doing projects!

Our first one is this old bookcase. It was custom built and was in desperate need of an overhaul! It's not 100% finished, but I will post the "after" photo once I get done!

We didn't mess with taking the scroll work off the desk. Those glass inserts are something to be deisred, huh? This will be a nice little nook in the den. We're keeping this room comfy and traditional. For this room, I have a wall hanging that we got as a Christmas gift from Chris's brother and sister in law that I am using as my 'inspiration'...

Pretty colors! We'll wind up spending most of our time in this room, watching TV and in the winter, enjoying the fireplace. The back patio door is also in this room so we'll have nice fall nights with an open door! Can't wait, so cozy!

Last night I went to Painting With A Twist for the first time! We were celebrating a church friend's pre-wedding festivities. Jordan, the bride, is the daughter of our Associate Minister. She'll be getting married on Sunday and I am so glad I was invited last night. My painting didn't turn out so well, but I had loads of fun! I can't believe how easy they make it.

Jennifer, Courtney, Me, and Jordan during a break!

The whole group, doing our silly pose!

My final result!

I hope one day I can plan a party or join in on other paintings they offer! Hopefully over time, I will get better too! I see about 30 I would love to do!

I'll be posting soon the final results of the bookcase! Bad weather is headed here tomorrow, let's hope there isn't too much damage. The tornadoes we had two weeks ago were so sad! Not something we expierence too often around DFW.

Have a good weekend!

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