Friday, August 27, 2010

Never blog on an empty stomach...

Well, here I am... blogging, as promised again.

It was supposed to be "Show Us Your Life" Friday, but then I realized, the topics only went through June.

Normally I would still be able to think of something, but as of right now... I can't. What I can do is show you something I found this week on the internet that completely has made my week. It's the cutest thing!


Agh! That is entirely too much cuteness! I have it on my desktop here at work and it literally brings a smile to face everytime I see it.

I think I am about to order a pizza and pick it up before going home. Sounds tasty... and I am starving!

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be introducing a new service at church. This is called "The Message" and will be held in the evening. I'm on the team and need to think of creative ways to decorate and set the appropriate mood. Guess I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow morning!

THEN... Sunday morning, during second service, Chris will be doing communion! First time! He did his second baptism last week and I have been so proud of him. This week, he'll say it all... words of institution alllll the way down to the benediction! Prayers for a successful Sunday to my husband!

We watched 'Adventures in Babysitting' last night after our (oh so refined) meal of hamburger helper. That movie is truly ridiculous, but I love it.

Looks like slop doesn't it? Eh, it tastes good though. Speaking of tasting good... I have a pizza cooking for me at Papa Johns. It's pretty exciting. Well, as exciting as I am going to get today.

Have a blessed weekend!

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